Android or iOS? Which is better?

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Well this is most controversial technology question in today’s world and has been actively debated on every forum but still nobody seems to have the answer.So I decided to take this challenge and tried analysing these two legendary operating system


A Little of Android vs iOS History….

As I have mentioned a lot of times Android was actually created to beat iOS. So before we begin our comparison lets agree when it comes to smartphones iOS was the one which had set the benchmark and by 2009 it was the market leader . But success is always in danger and soon a group of mobile companies came together to launch Android and the rest is history. In fact these group of companies were so desperate that they spent about $100 million just to market Droid-Motorola’s first Android handset.



Diversity and Choice-Android vs iOS

Android is the king when it comes to device range

As we all know Android is open source which basically means that anyone can have android for free and develop on it. This has left a huge room open for developers and manufactures to explore as much as they want . According to one estimate they are close to 5000 unique android devices available. This gives a user lot of choices while buying a device.  On the other hand, iOS is a closed platform. What this means is that Apple has total control over it’s devices and software. They design all their own hardware and software which allows them to use strict guidelines for how they interact with each other.Even in apps. Android application are available in Google playstore, Amazon App store and a number of other stores but  iOS apps can only be installed from iTunes app store

This can also be considered as a disadvantage for Android because A user is not always sure of what he is buying while purchasing an Android device. From big MNCs to small startups everybody builds Android devices. So a lot of device’s performance depends on the manufacture himself. Whereas for iOS apart from apple nobody is allowed to touch it. So there is no shock or surprise too.

So we can conclude by saying that though Android comes with large range of devices, good performance of these devices in a lot of ways depends on the manufacturer.Whereas good performance is garanteed(in some ways) on iOS but you want have any choice but to stick to iPhone

Brand Image-

Back in early 2000s no one would have ever thought brand image could become such a major factor while buying mobiles phones.But Apple changed this trend . Apple products are always known to be exclusive but iPhone took this to a new level The iPhone has now become a status symbol. The very fact that only Apple manufactures it has played a major role into this. Android devices are built by every other company all around the world. In fact, companies in developing countries have come up with Android products starting from just $50. The release of Android One devices has also damaged the brand image of Android. Android is no longer exclusive. Everybody can afford it and everybody has it.

Whereas possessing the iPhone in itself is a style statement.   That explaining how Apple manages to sell it for a whooping $649.

App Development

Everybody considers apps available on a platform before deciding on buying a particular device.A new operating system like Tizen wont be able to rival Android or iOS unless it has the same number of apps. So it is very important for an operating systems to ensure app development is not much complicated on the platform thereby increasing the choices available for user. Android is developed in Java. Android SDK and even Android Studio(IDE) both are available for free.So you don’t need much to start  with Android Development.But developers might face challenges while developing for a diverse platform like Android.Android devices are available in every possible screen size.Also to make the matters worse developers will have to target a lot Android versions to make their device accessible to all. This significantly increases the development time as a lot of effort is required in optimizing an app for various Android versions. This is not an issue in iOS, even if the developer targets latest 3 OS version he will be 97% of all the iOS users.,But IOS SDK is not free of cost. Developer needs to pay a yearly fee of 99$ for access to SDK. Google playstore just collects a one time fees of 25$.  Apart from  that he will  have a use a Mac device for development as Xcode(IDE for iOS) is available only on a Mac machine. So it’s not that easy to begin with iOS development.Even launching an app on Appstore is quite complicated compared to the google play store. However, according to App Annie, revenue is 60% higher on the iTunes App Store when compared to Google Play store.

Revenue-Android vs IOS



Android revenue were disclosed when during the Oracle google lawsuit, In an effort to prove the commercial importance of Java as it pertains to Android, an Oracle attorney revealed that Android, since 2008, has generated $31 billion in revenue and $22 billion in profits for the search giant.Well this might seem like a really big number but wait Apple in the last quarter of 205 made 31$ iPhone based revenue. This is more than what Android has made in its entire existence.But this number includes all the iPhone Hardware. so we first need to understand iOS and Android have a very different revenue model. So they can never be any apple to apple comparison . So for a better comparison lets compare AppStore and Google Playstore

Lets begin with the numbers, according to App Annie Apple’s App Store made double the revenue of the Google Play Store during the first three months of 2016, despite users downloading twice the number of apps on the latter. In the year of  2015, Apple’s iOS “cemented its position as app store revenue king,” declared App Annie’s retrospective analysis for the year. The App Store made over 70 percent more money than Google Play in 2015.In fact the iOS App Store made 90 per cent more revenue than Google’s  store over the period, according to analytics company

So when it comes  revenue AppStore is definitely the king


Market Share

As per Operating Systems Market Share Android operating system covers 66% of the Mobile OS market.

Operating System Market share


Well, if 66% itself sounds a big number to you then prepared to be surprised again. According to date collected by Gartner , 80% of the smartphones devices sold in the last quarter of 2015 were Android.

Smartphone sales by OS


Lets Conclude

So there is no winner over here for sure.But we can find one if we have our priorities decided.Both of them have their own pros and cons. If privacy and brand image are your major concerns and you don’t mind spending more on apps or hardware go for iPhone. But if budget and easy accessibility is your concern go for Android!

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