How Big is Android ?

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We all are aware of Android and we all know its quite popular. But, factually how big is Android. What are the numbers? Read on to find out

Number of Apps

Everybody is aware of the Google Play store. But you will be surprised to find the actual no. of  apps available in Playstore

2.2 Million

And yes its still growing!

No of Downloads

Though number of apps in playstore gave us a good indication of Android’s reach. Total number of Downloads is what is really suprising.

50 Billion

Yes this is the number of apps downloaded on mobile phones. This is more than 7 times the population on this planet

Android Users

Just to get an idea of how big  Android is I believe calculating the  number of users is the right parameter.So here it is

1.4 Billion users

Yes that’s number of people using Android

Smartphones Manufactured:

When it comes to devices manufactured Android clearly leads the way. The reason is simple-Android is open source.

In 2014 itself a total 1.28 billion Android devices were shipped

% of Android Smartphones

Global Mobile OS Market Share

Believe me or not. 66% of the world’s smart phones are powered by Android OS

Android OS Revenue

Revenue of Android Operating Systems  is

$31 Billion

This is more than the GDP of Iceland



So we can easily conclude that Android is quite a big deal now. So if you want be in terms with technology in the future you got to learn Android


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