iPhone 7-Complete Review with Price

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Apple recently launched iPhone 7 and it was a big deal. as always. With so much drama  around the new iPhone I decided to move aside from my regular Android love and have look at this new beast in the smart phone jungle.



Official iPhone 7 Promo

Lets first have a look at Official iPhone 7 promo. After all I am sure Apple must have spent millions of dollars in making just a promo. We all know how serious is Apple with its marketing 😛


iPhone 7 launch complete event

For those of you who reading this on a lazy sunday and haven’t yet thought of doing something today. Go Ahead watch this complete Launch Video!  Yes what’s better than Tim Cook explaining you for 2 hours of how he is gonna make you pay $600 for an upgraded iPhone 6



Top 10 Features iPhone 7

Now let’s get serious, well almost. Watch this video to know of iPhone 7 top 10 features or “10 things you should know before buying iPhone7” as Vlogger  Jonathan Morrison puts it


Quick Hands On-iPhone 7

For some of the lazy people out there  who might find Johnathan seven minute video to long to watch( Yes after all you can do so much productive in that time..like play Pokemon GO!)

Here is a quick one minute video mentioning the important iPhone 7 features by Telegraph


Fun in the last

Enough of all these serious tech talk. Lets end our post with a hilarious video by Ellen on the latest iPhone.



We all know Apple products are not cheap. never.And iPhone 7 is no exception. It will start from $649 . So be ready to sell your kidneys 😛

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