Android Example : Alarm Manager Complete Working

AlarmManager as the name itself suggests is used to schedule time based operations outside the lifecycle of your application. With the help of AlarmManager you can schedule your application to run at any scheduled time in future. Once the scheduled time arrives the target application starts running even if the device is asleep.

[Android Example] Location Updates with FusedLocationProviderApi

In our last post we developed a app to retrieve the current location of the device on Android. While retrieving the current location can be useful in a lot of¬† real life scenarios sometimes it is just not enough. Thanks to Google’s FusedLocationProviderApi receiving location change updates in the app is fairly simple. In the…

Android Example: Display Current Location on Google Map with FusedLocationProviderClient

In this tutorial we will deal with the basics of  Google Location and Map Android Integration, we will register our project in Google Developer Console and obtain the API key . Using the API key we will show the Map in our app and with the help of FusedLocationProvider API mark the current location on the map.